End-of-Year Ready Challenge

I’m New to This:

The Best way to start anything is just to start! …Jump into the Challenge today for $20 and be entered into the winnings.

I Want to Try:

If you want to get a customized plan and have the accountability you’ll need to win, Join the Challenge And get a Trial Pack for $40 total. You’ll get a customized nutrition program, small group and 1:1 support for your first 6 days, and have tons of tools to win this thing!

I’m a Current Client:

Current clients can join the challenge for $20 and be entered into the prize pot. You’ll also receive new levels of support, feedback, accountability, and tools to win this thing! Lets go!

people on the beach

I’m so excited for the End-of-Year Ready Challenge!

Lets get Fit for summer together, and win CA$H PRIZES!?
Hey now!

How do you get involved? Action Steps:

1. Text me that your IN! 424-250-3748

2. Venmo $20 to @Melissa-Lox

3. Take your before photo and send to your coach before challenge starts! (White background, good lighting, shorts and sports bra for females, shorts for males, NO SELFIES) or come to the Los Angeles launch party Saturday 4/15/17 and get your professional before pics.

3. Download the app Telegram and create account. Ask me, your coach, to add you!

4. Download the app Zoom for our launch party/final celebration and recognition if you’re not in Los Angeles!

5. Have fun & invite friends to participate with you! Post challenge flier and tag your friends!