29 Apr

Injuries to me Mean…

injury recovery

Injuries to me mean, Back to the basics…

If you google fitness or Weightloss, you’ll get millions of suggestions of how to look and feel your best.
But what if you’re injured?!
How do you modify all these tips to be doc approved?!

So I tore my hamstring and did a number on the ligaments in my hamstring/glute. Which has meant pretty much no activity per dr’s orders… no upper body workouts, easy on the cardio.

And with that news, I knew I had to get back to the basics. Nutrition is everything, so I’m keeping it super clean and sticking to my Herbalife nutrition program. And rather than walking for endless miles, I immediately hopping into the pool and grabbed one of the leg buoys (you know that took me a min to spell correctly 😂)

While I’m eager to get back at my goals and really go for it, I’m officially down 9lbs since I got hurt (there was a bit of time I got annoyed and went back to the old habits while traveling) and feeling better than ever!!!

Not sure how to begin/restart or how to modify to make the plan work when there’s a shift in the plan?
Reach out!
I’m here to support YOU!