29 Jun

When Staying Off Track is No Longer and Option

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Vulnerable share: sometimes our greatest motivation to achieve something we’ve never achieved before comes from being inspired by others’ achievement, sometimes from a number or target we set, and sometimes it comes from a past accomplishment of our own.

After my photo shoot in march, I was on the road traveling for more days than I’ve been home. And I’m so grateful to have had the many opportunities to travel, network, connect, explore, and spend time with friends and family. And try as hard as I could, my health & fitness routine was impossible to maintain at the level I wanted for myself.

And then I injured myself a month ago and I got in my head and certainly in my own way. I found myself in pain, and doctors saying not to be active.

I’d question whether eating to my plan was worth it and somehow at the end of some days, I’d find myself halfway into a chunk of dark chocolate, telling myself to put it down and start over again tomorrow.

Another day would go by where I didn’t work out (doctors orders), and my macro planning was off. Clothes weren’t fitting the same. My attention was focused on great things, just not on my results.
Yeah it could be worse, but this was not the standard I wanted to live to. So last night, I got a massage and envisioned letting go of the things and ways of being that held me back. I flipped through photos of myself and my actions that got me the results in this photo.

I went through my pantry and dumped all the junk.
I set myself up with new meal prep, made sure I had all the herbalife products I needed, and had a big glass of aloe.
Tomorrow, I told myself, is
when I begin again.
I start anew.
I rise up.

And when the alarm went off this morning, I texted my clients and asked if they’d partner with me. To restart and have an epic week together.
Some thanked me for the vulnerability.
Some agreed to join in on the restart.
Some shared their successes, down 12 lbs, down 15 lbs, ran a 10k. Wow!
And there I was, back in the game! Ready to go!
This is the time it counts the most.
When you’re not sure how to restart, but you know that that’s all there’s left to do.
I hope this helps someone out there who just needs a reminder to go again, one more time. That all there is to do is START.
LOVE yourself for where you are.
FORGIVE yourself for whatever happened.
And go … UNTIL.

Thank you to all my partners for joining me in the crusade to being our best!
If you’ve ever felt this way and are ready to hit the RESET BUTTON with me, message me directly and comment below. Summer is coming and I WILL NOT go another day without being impeccable to my word and action, and I’d love partners in this journey!

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