29 Jun

Fit to Fly…Flyin Fit

flyin fit
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May is a traveling month for me:

My little cousin Michael got married in Dallas, Tx over the weekend and my little niece Kelsey is graduating from University of Iowa next weekend…  and rather than fly back and forth to LA, I decided it would be way more fun to bring you all along with me and spend time with my parents and explore New Orleans and Chicago between the two big weekends. So I thought I’d share a bit on how I travel while keeping it clean and a bit on my travel meal prep game ….

Travel tip- you can absolutely save yourself from airport food. Bring meal prep and use frozen water bottles and frozen yogurt to keep it cold. Even my shake is frozen so now I have ice cream on the flight~!

Meal Prep can fly… you just have to be smart about it
Check out all the rules on TSA’s website.​

So I brought ground turkey and spinach, a miracle noodle frittata, frozen water, and Greek yogurt! Booooom! I’m keeping it healthy for the next few days.

And of course you know I packed my shakes in ziploc baggies, tea, vitamin tablets, and post-recovery protein beverage mix so that I’m ready for whenever I get a workout in on the trip. More to come on that later…

Please Comment Below questions and ideas of where you’d like to travel while keeping it clean and healthy!

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