Nutrition from Herbalife,
customized 1:1 meal planning,
one-month committed plans and
5 day Eat Clean Challenge trial kits


Personalized Workouts
Healthy Group Activities
Healthy Active Community Lifestyle

Melissa Coaching

Online and app-based challenges and local Healthy Active Lifestyle events .

Connection with me as your coach, other coaches in the community, and all the people you'll meet along the way who are striving for the same goals

80% nutrition


Weight Loss Coaching Strategy Session!

  • Define Your Vision
  • Create Challenging Goals
  • Set Up Your Success Plan

Lets Achieve Extraordinary Results!

Get One-on-One Coaching

Ever wanted to get Healthier? More Fit? 

…and didn’t know where to begin?

 That’s how we work together!

Having reached my own health goals, I’m dedicated to supporting others in reaching goals through a unique constellation of services and support in order for
YOU to reach your goals!

As a coach, I have had an opportunity to develop hundreds of

Healthy Active Lifestyle Programs that include:

  • Nutrition Classes & Workshops
  • Group Fitness & Yoga Programs
  • Strength & Conditioning Training
  • Nutritional Counseling & Nutrition Planning

All in conjunction with Herbalife Nutrition Programs

  • Extensive one-on-one coaching
  • Ask about our Healthy Active Lifestyle Social Events

and the simplest (and inexpensive!) way to begin: Eat Clean Challenges!
We are a healthy fit & happy bunch committed to inspiring others to join our healthy life community

We start by setting your goals!

Contact me for more info on how to get started!